Outdoor Lighting

Hand-crafted and custom-designed lights to illuminate your entryway, porch, deck, garage, walkway, garden or landscape.

Photo of Pacific Crest outdoor light

Because wood belongs in the garden, and because it lasts and lasts, we offer sustainable Brazilian Cherry wood (Jatoba) post lights, pier mounts and wooden sconces.

Temple Garden offers an entirely new line of beautiful lights using the latest technology. Excellent design and craftsmanship is the hallmark for each of our lights. These custom-designed, handcrafted outdoor lights are made from copper, steel, bronze, sustainable Brazilian cherry wood, high quality art glass, and Japanese shoji. Each light combines outdoor durability with beautiful form and effective function. The illumination is efficient, night-sky-friendly 12 volt. It shines useable light where you need it: toward the ground, pathways, entries, and stairs, or as an accent in the garden. These lights are signature pieces created individually on a small-production basis in Washington State.

Photo of stone light Photo of stone light in the garden

Because stone is a natural for the garden, we offer Bollards (column lights) made from granite and basalt hand-split from India and China, incredible naturally formed basalt columns from Washington State, and striking stone-mounted wall sconces.

Photo of glass light

Because the face material makes all the difference to the quality of the light, we use amazing Mesolini-designed fused glass, American artisan hand-blown sheet glass, and Japanese acrylic Shoji. Combine this with our state-of-the-art lamping, and you get a quality of wall light never seen before.

Photo of wood lights

Because copper, steel, and bronze look great with wood and stone as both accent and contrast, and because they are the perfect outdoor metals, we use copper for our hand-hammered sconces, detailing, and caps, and steel or cast bronze for roofs and backing.

Array of custom outdoor lighting