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Asha - Design

Temple Garden Lights is a small company born out of our landscape design and construction company, Living Landscapes. Responding to a need for quality outdoor lighting, we gathered a handful of skilled local artisans to design and build Temple Garden Lights.

Our designs are both aesthetic and functional. Their excellent craftsmanship, high-grade natural materials, and good design yield exceptional lights that will last a lifetime.


Andy - Wood

Proper outdoor lighting is essential in today’s landscapes. Temple garden lights provide safety and security, add beauty and grace to the house, and highlight the garden. These well-designed fixtures have enough presence to identify entrances and to gently guide walkers along pathways by night or by day. What’s more, the sturdy wood or stone construction of our lights means they won’t tip or lean over.

We combine function, beauty, presence, durability, excellent materials, and fine workmanship to create lights that will bring your landscape to life.

Bowen and Sam

Bowen & Sam -
Copper & Metal

For years, our customers have enjoyed these fine outdoor lights. Now we are offering these carefully designed, Washington-built lights to a wider audience so that you, too, may enjoy fine art and functional lighting made from traditional, natural materials. Each light is individually handcrafted, revealing the craftsman’s attention to detail and the uniqueness of every fixture.


Carl - Ebonist

The designs are contemporary yet timeless. Central to the vibrant American sense of style and the emerging Pacific Northwest eclectic character, our designs fall somewhere between Craftsman and Adirondack-rustic styles, and are also infused with the clean, modern lines of Asian design. Notice the details of hand-hammered copper and hand-split or naturally formed stone columns. Appreciate the fine woodworking in high-quality, long-lasting Jatoba (Brazilian cherry wood) with Wenghee-wood insets and copper or steel accents. Look at the attention paid to the type and placement of each lamp used on each fixture.


Heidi - Project Manager

We think you’ll love what we cherish in lights: great design and engineering. Our lights are carefully designed and engineered to be both handsome and functional. We use efficient, low-voltage lamps, which direct illumination where you need it--toward the ground on paths, steps, and entryways, and accenting the garden. Temple Garden Lights do not shine into your eyes, or into the night sky. This means they’re “Night-Sky-Friendly,” a popular new term in outdoor lighting. Our lights meet or exceed the new codes that many cities have adopted to require Night-Sky-Friendly and Neighbor-Friendly lighting.


Bob Lund - Photographer

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