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The Bistro

Sustainable Brazilian Cherry Wood or Steel & Messolini Fused Glass, or
American artisan hand-blown Iridescent Stained Glass
Flat or hipped roof in Steel or Cast Bronze

Inviting and welcoming as its namesake implies, the Bistro is right at home lighting an entry, path or steps. The hard-wired LED lights cast a soft, pleasant, and usable illumination with no glare over a broad area: up to a 30’ radius. Versatile and hard-working, this cousin of our popular Tea House sconce is built to be social! The Brazilian cherry post even withstands commercial weed-whacker whippings, so there’s no problem looking great, even in high traffic areas. This is one durable, useful, and exceedingly striking light. Choose the combination of wood, metal, glass, color, height and roof-type that states your style-- then welcome your family and friends with the Bistro.

Customize your Bistro with different face, box, and post materials and styles, as well as post heights. Or, purchase just the light and mount it on your own post.


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