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The Cowboy

Fused Glass by Mesolini with Metal

A wall mounted light for entryway, porch, deck, or walkway.

Nuevo Cowboy, that is. We say, “Nuevo” because we use the latest in lighting technology, and edgy art glass; “Cowboy” because our metal worker, Sam, imparts a bit of his rustic cowboy elegance; “Lantern” because it serves that worthy purpose of a fixed wall sconce.

The clean lines and overall shape of this lantern harks back to tradition, but the hard-wired LED lamping, art glass, and updated function make this a 21st century light. With an LED wattage choice from 5.5 to 14.4, the Cowboy Lantern provides both soft area-light and stronger light— up to 60 feet side to side-- washing across and down a house or garage wall without flooding the area with over-bright or harsh light.

ADA compliant

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