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New Creations

Sea Stack Series

Post: 18-24" x 1.75" Brazilian Cherry

Roof: 8.5" sq, Light radius 25 ft

Post: 18-24" x 1.75" Brazilian Cherry

Roof: 10.5"sq. Light radius 30 ft

Post: 24"-36" x 4" Brazilian Cherry

Roof: 12"sq Light radius 40 ft

Post: 36"-48" x 5.5" Brazilian Cherry

Roof: 16" sq Light radius 50ft

Cowboy Series

Cow Girl
black patina

Long Tall Cowboy
black patina

textured steel

Cowboy lanterns: constructed of heavy steel with lacquered patina, textured, or bronze. The glass is distinctive fused combed bubble glass. The light washes the wall side to sid, light forward through the glass, and strongly down onto the ground with softer light upward if desired.

  • Cowboy 16.25 tall 6.75" wide 2300 lumen
  • Cowgirl 13.5" tall 7.75" wide 2300 lumen
  • Long Tall Cowboy 20"tall 8.25 wide 2700 lumen

Kestral Series

Kestrel: like the colorful bird of Prey, the glass has depth of color in the handmade distinctive glass with a rippled and lightly iridescent (during the daytime) surface. Beautiful heavy steel roofs in textured steel, bronze, or lacquered patinas hold the glass floating beneath.

  • Large Kestrel is 11.5" tall, 9”wide, 6.75”deep 2300 lumen
  • Small Kestrel is 9.5” tall, 7”wide, 6.75”deep 1800 lumen

Cube Series

Brushed Aluminum

Textured Steel

Textured Bronze

Bold simple geometry 2” x 2” x 2” designed to abut flat against a wall, with a cone of light 15, 30, or 60 degrees – up to 290 lumen Machined from a solid block of aluminum it comes an s wiggle brushed aluminum, textured steel, or textured bronze.

Component Roofs

The roofs are 3/16ths thick steel. The can be patinated, treated for a thick, real bronze textured coating, or with a textured steel. Combine the roofs independently our posts, or with your own post or mount, and you can include LED in several configurations or with no lighting attached.

Component Pier Mount Boxes

Use our boxes with your own lighting system and or combine with any of our roofs or your own. Any of our glass is available and you can consult with our glass designer.

Array of custom outdoor lighting