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Indian Granite
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Indian Granite Column Lights

Because stone is a natural for the garden. Majestic and dramatic, these striking, sculptural, hand-split granite pillars make a distinctive statement in the landscape. Effective, useful light glows from beneath the hammered copper sconce, illuminating the pathway, stairs, garden, or entry. This granite looks great day or night with its highlights and contrasting “salt and pepper” granite flecks that show just a hint of sparkle.

Indian Granite

Each column is a unique, four-sided stone post from India, showing the sculptural edge and hewn marks of the hammer and chisel used in hand-splitting. With contrasting, “salt and pepper” quartz and orthoclase crystals, this attractive granite pillar light adds a sense of grandeur, endurance, and steadfastness to the landscape. Our copper sconce and detailing contrast perfectly with the stone. The copper detailing forms a stem-like pattern that contains and conceals the wire leading up to the hand-hammered copper sconce.

Indian Granite

Copper: Our lamp sconces are locally made of hand-hammered, “weighty” copper, which can be left to weather naturally or given a patina finish to look old sooner with a soft-green, verdigris color. Our Washington artisans inset the copper in the column by hand. This takes an eye

Sizes: We split these columns in sizes from 4046 inches high. Width for the "Standard" is 58 inches. The "Stout" is 78 inches wide.

Illumination: 12 volt lamping using an 18-watt or lower, wedge-based incandescent light. This design features a functional, effective, warm-toned light, which illuminates a 225° sector 12 feet or more in diameter around the post.

Night-Sky-Friendly: All of our lights are night-sky-friendly. This means that the light shines where you need it: toward the ground on paths, entries, and stairs, but not into your eyes, or your neighbor’s, and not into the sky to waste electricity and obscure the stars. All of our lights use UL-approved electrical components, and they all meet or exceed the code requirements that many cities have adopted to limit outdoor light pollution.

Mounting: Comes drilled with a steel insert mounting rod. Deck mounting hardware is also available for the Indian Granite Light, Standard.  This is heavy rock, so shipping and handling costs may be higher.

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