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Pacific Crest Jatoba Post Light

Pacific Crest Tall

Because wood in the garden lasts and lasts. This light is an attention-gettera signature piece of furniture-grade, fine-wood joinery that’s so handsome you may be tempted to use it indoors! Yet it’s a durable landscape light made to withstand the vagaries of climates—built to last through decades of inclement weather. You won’t find another light anywhere that combines this degree of design, durability, and craftsmanship. The Pacific Crest will elicit “oohs” and “aahs” from all who see it! We’ve been using Jatoba (Brazilian cherry wood) for years in outdoor deck, arbor, pergola, and lighting designs. It stands the tests of time and the elements.

Reminiscent of old-style post lamps, yet a completely new design, this tall, rugged Jatoba light has perfect proportions, yielding an elegant and distinctive presence. The lines are uncomplicated, clean, and straightforward. Special detailing with insets of Wenge (another durable hardwood) and steel roof plates distinguish this light from the ordinary and give it a look both Modern and Craftsman-influenced.

By day, its beauty enhances entryways, paths, stairs, or gardens. By night, illumination from two hand-hammered copper sconces gives effective, functional light 35 feet out and 360° around the post. The warm glow of beautifully grained wood makes this striking light the perfect choice when you want to make a strong statement in your landscape. It’s especially successful in entries, drives, or areas where you need more illumination.

Photos of Pacific Crest Details

Jatoba wood: Jatoba (Brazilian cherry) is the wood of choice for these lights. We have tested and tried many other traditional and exotic hard woods, but none compares to the combination of beauty and longevity that Jatoba offers. These lights will last and last, no matter what the weather! Yes, Jatoba has a 40-year outdoor ground-contact rating, and yes, it weathers better than teak or cedar and is 1.5 times harder than oak. And yes, it’s gorgeous! Each handmade light has a unique grain pattern and a rich depth of natural coloring. Care-free, the wood will fade to a subtle, lighter hue. An occasional application of fine wood oil will maintain the dark, polished appearance of elegant furniture and well-maintained bright-work.

Copper: The Pacific Crest has two lamp sconces made locally of hand-hammered, "weighty" copper, which can be left to weather naturally or given a patina finish to look old sooner with a soft-green, verdigris color. This light also features a decorative steel cap.

Sizes: Our carpenter builds these lights to stand 81 inches high, and 6.5 x 3.25 inches wide; tapering and then flaring again toward the bottom.

Illumination: 12 volt lamping using 2, 4.4 watt LED bulbs. This design features a functional, effective, warm-toned light (equal to two 60 watt incandescents) that illuminate a 360° degrees sector 35 feet or more in diameter around the post.

Night-Sky-Friendly: All our lights are night-sky-friendly. This means that the light shines where you need it: toward the ground on paths, entries, and stairs, but not into your eyes, or your neighbor's, and not into the sky to waste electricity and obscure the stars. All our lights use UL-approved electrical components, and they all meet or exceed the code requirements that many cities have adopted to limit outdoor light pollution.

Mounting: These come mounted on a steel bracket and are ready to set in concrete. With a slight modification, they can also be through-bolted onto a wood surface such as a deck.

The Pacific Crest is distinctive and elegant, and will be noticed day and night. You will instantly understand why we say, “Wood belongs in the garden,” and why we are so pleased to offer this Jatoba light which finally makes this possible. You will love this light!

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