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Pier Mounts and Column Tops

Sustainable Brazilian Cherry Wood boxes in three sizes
American artisan hand-blown Glass, or Shoji screens
Hip or Flat roofs in copper, steel or cast bronze

Pier-mount & Column Top lights make a statement. Noteworthy in all regards, they have the classic lines of the Craftsman period translated through today’s modern design influences and materials: a great first impression at your entryway!

Each of our wood Pier Mount & Column Top lights is created from sustainable Brazilian Cherry wood (also known as Jatoba). Warm and richly grained as only wood can be, Brazilian Cherry is the wood of choice for exceptional beauty and outdoor durability.

LED lighting technology coupled with our designs and materials produces the right light for the right job. These Pier-mount & Column-top lights cast a soft light with softened edges. There are no harsh shadows, and no over-bright bulbs to shine in your eyes or blind you. These lights give a comfortable and color accurate wash of illumination to indicate an entry and to light the pathway home.

For a little extra illumination, choose a Hip roof design with the exterior LEDs. We mount these optional lights just under the edges of the roof— a nearly invisible and unobtrusive way to introduce even more downward light; illuminating the ground with soft, moonlight- colored light without shadows from the pier.

Get the look and the light you want:

Choose a roof design and material:
Hip roof in 3/16th inch steel or cast bronze available for all three lights.
Flat-stacked roof of heavy steel, or 10 gauge copper available for Demi & Medio.

Choose the screen (face) color and material:
American artisan hand-blown Glass
All of our glass is of the highest quality! Mesolini glass studio on Bainbridge Island, WA, cuts-to-order our American artisan hand-blown single pane stained glass. The colors are pure, subtle, and worlds beyond ordinary glass. The unique textures and patterns enhance the new LED lighting technology, allowing us to create lighting options never seen before.

Shoji Screening
We’ve searched and finally found a durable and beautiful acrylic Japanese Shoji to use in our Pier mounts and Column Tops. The patterns are from the top shoji makers—and since it is acrylic, it will last and last. If you want a Craftsman look, order the Shoji with shellac; to achieve a deep amber tone, we hand apply many coats of natural shellac .

Lighting options:
Interior LED lights, standard
Exterior roof edge LEDs, optional for Hip roofs only

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