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The Pacific Series

Temple Garden introduces natural stone Column Lights (Bollards) and sustainable Brazilian Cherry wood (Jatoba) wooden Post Lights. These lights are functional, durable, and handsome.

The sustainable Brazilian Cherry wood lights are of furniture-quality joinery. Jatoba is long-lasting. More durable and weather-resistant than cedar, teak, or most other woods, it has a 40 year outdoor rating! These lights are built to last through decades of outdoor weather.

We've been using Jatoba for years in our outdoor deck, arbor, pergola, and light designs; it stands the tests of time and the elements!

Wood belongs outdoors! The Pacific Crest has insets of Wenghee, another exotic hardwood noted for its distinctive look and weather resiliency. All our woods weather naturally (with no care) to a subtler hue, or they can be kept dark and polished looking (like fine furniture) with an occasional coat of teak or exotic-wood oil.

Because stone is a natural in the garden, we offer the Pacific series of stone Column Lights (Bollards) in naturally formed Washington State columnar basalt, hand-split Chinese black basalt, and hand-split Indian "salt and pepper" granite.

All of the Pacific Series lights have copper details, accents, and lamp sconces. The copper is hand-hammered and 'weighty'. Leave it to weather naturally, or order it with a patina finish. The patina finish gives the copper a soft green, verdigris color. We do not seal any of our copper. It will age naturally and gracefully.

Illumination is all low voltage (12 volt) lamping using 18 watt, or lower, wedge-based incandescent lights. Low voltage does not mean low light! All of our designs feature functional, efficient light in a 12 foot or greater diameter around the post, through a 225° sector. The Pacific Crest uses two 12 volt warm-toned halogen bulbs (with diffuser lenses) giving effective light in a 30 foot or greater diameter around the post: A full 360° circle! UL approved electrical components. Night-Sky-Friendly lights are all we make! The newest term in out-door lighting, Night-Sky-Friendly, means that the light shines where you need it: toward the ground on paths, entries, and stairs, but not into your eyes, or your neighbor's, and not into the sky— wasting electricity and obliterating the stars. Our lights meet or exceed the code requirements that many cities now have regarding outdoor light pollution

Mounting: Each light comes with its own mounting hardware based on its height, weight and design. They all have a steel bracket or plate suitable for in-ground mounting in concrete. The wooden Pacific Crest and Pacific Edge can also be ordered for lag-bolt mounting on wood (deck, stairs, etc.)

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