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Sconces and Lanterns, Glass, Wood and Copper

Wall mounted lights for entryway, porch, deck, or wall along a walkway.

Fused Glass Sconces and Lanterns, and Copper Sconce

Decorative, distinctive, and design-forward, our selection of sconces and lanterns includes something for everyone. From traditional Arts and Crafts styling in wood and glass, to hand-etched copper or welded steel with edgy fused glass, these wall mount sconces take lighting to the next level. We light them with low voltage LED lights to both beautifully illuminate the face of the sconce and to cast a soft, useful, indirect light; stronger downward, where you need it, and softer upwards and to the sides. The light is warm toned and comfortably bright—never blinding, and never causing sharp shadows. Each sconce or lantern is a dramatic, night sky-friendly, wall-washing light for an entry, porch, patio, deck, or wall adjacent to a walkway.

Sustainable Brazilian Cherry Wood Sconces

All of our wood sconces are created from sustainable Brazilian Cherry wood (also known as Jatoba). Warm and richly grained as only wood can be-- Brazilian Cherry is the wood of choice for exceptional beauty and outdoor durability.

LED technology has revolutionized the quality of light! These sconces cast a soft light with softened edges. There are no harsh shadows, and no over-bright bulbs to blind you; just a perfectly comfortable wash of illumination.

We lamp the sconces with energy efficient, night-sky friendly 12 volt LEDs. They are hard-wired, so the LED light is extremely durable and long-lived. There’s no socket to corrode—therefore, no worries about inclement weather, or salt-air conditions.

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