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The Signature

Fused Glass by Mesolini with Copper and Architectural Bronze

This is a slim, low-profile light that really serves its purpose. By day this light is a piece of understated decorative wall-art. In the evening the sconce is just the right size to illuminate a dark corner, enhance an entryway, or cast a gentle wash of light on a wall. The glass and copper sconce is fitted with a one-of-a-kind copper medallion individually designed, hand-drawn and etched by one of our artists.
Each light is signed by the artist.

Engineered as hard-wired, in-line LED lights to both beautifully illuminate the glass and to cast a soft, useful, indirect light; strongest downward, 15 feet to either side, and outwards to about 5 feet. These lights can easily be used in a series or grouping along a wall or in an entryway.

The Signature series lights glow with warm tones and a comfortable brightness—never blinding or overpowering, and never causing sharp shadows.

ADA compliant

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